WWDC 17 Keynote, Apple teknolojileri hayatımıza ne getirecek?

Apple WWDC geliştirici konferansında, her yıl olduğu gibi bu yılda keynote’da, yeni Apple teknolojileri, işletim sistemlerindeki değişiklikler ve ürünlere gelen yeni özellikler kısaca tanıtıldı.

5K iMac Pro ve Yeni Özellikleri



5K iMac Pro aynı zamanda Space Black renk seçeneğiyle ve güçlü işlemcisiyle birlikte geliyor. Mac için yeni işletim sistemi macOS High Sierra olarak tanıtıldı.

Şüphesiz, iPhone kullanıcılarının beklediği yeni işletim sistemi iOS 11


iOS11’de ilk göze çarpan yeni “Control Center” yani kontrol merkezi, artık kontrol merkezi full ekran ve 3d touch ile menüdeki ayarların daha da derinine inmeniz mümkün. Örneğin müzik üzerinde 3d touch yaptığınızda, pick and pop’la daha detaylı bir ekranı müzik player açıyorsunuz. Diğer bir önemli UX değişikliği ise “Lock Screen” ile “Notification Center”‘ın aynı ekranda olması, kilit ekranında varsa ilk bildirim gösterilecek ve bounce edildiğinde ise diğer bildirimlere ulaşılabilecek.Read More »

Interviews for an iOS Developer??

If you’re looking for a nice developer job, first thing you should check is your basic programming knowledge, of course. Or maybe, you are not looking for new opportunities. –> You just don’t want to lose flexibility of programming skills on a specific language or algorithm know-how. Best thing you can do is simply EXERCISING.

There are several websites you can use to solve programming problems on different areas (such as Data Structures, Algorithms, AI, Databases or Security) by using different programming languages. (From Python, Go, ADA to Swift) These websites are really good for improving whiteboard coding skills.Read More »

Styling Views on iOS

What if I say you can use styles in iOS?

Yes, we can steal some features from Android for iOS.

Font family, size, text color, background color, background image .. Selecting all style attributes from Interface Builder over and over again can be a pain in the ass.

So, how can we do this? What are the benefits of using styles in iOS?

One day, your boss, your client or even you “MAY” want to change design of a part of your iOS app or even whole application. Your red buttons now should be green and non-bordered.

One day, Apple “MAY” show up with different font family on new iOS version and you can’t use this system font as default, but you realise some and big part of your labels, buttons are set from Interface Builder as system.Read More »

Advanced Permission Management for iOS Applications

Mobile applications ask permissions to access user’s information or user’s phone features. These permissions can be accessing camera, microphone, location, phone contact list, calendars, photos, reminders etc.

You should define your permission asking strategy wisely. You can prefer either asking permission right before using this-exact feature or you can show information why you really need these permissions and direct your users to your application’s settings page or both. If a user will not continue using your app without giving permissions, it’s nice to show information why you need it and what your application offers the user by using these features, then direct users your application settings page.Read More »

Build Your Own Framework

Coding is like playing with legos. There are so many cases that you can -and probably you should- use same lego piece for different structures, multiple times.

“If the code appears more than once, it probably belongs in a framework.” WWDC14

Apple introduced Cocoa Touch Frameworks in 2014 – the same year as iOS8 is launched . If you haven’t watched yet, I strongly recommend you to watch Building Modern Frameworks session.

Frameworks are best way to reuse your code and share with multiple projects. For instance, @Apple Health app has its own framework – HealthKit – and other developers can use HealthKit.framework by linking it with their projects.Read More »

How to add Core Spotlight to index your app content on iOS9? – iOS9 Feature (Part 4)

Apple Says That;

When you make your content searchable, users can access activities and content deep within your app through Spotlight and Safari search results, Handoff, and Siri suggestions.

Point of an developer’s view, main aim of content indexing on iOS9 is to help you make your content available in the appropriate index, drive user engagement and maybe free marketing :D.Read More »

Implementing Home Screen Quick Actions, Dynamic shortcutItems – iOS9 Feature (Part 3)

My previous post was for giving  the general information on implementing home screen quick actions by the way of using static shortcut items in the info.plist of project. To read general concept and methods, this way please.

Despite of the static shortcut items can not be changed regarding to different cases, dynamic shortcut items can be changed case by case in any wherever or whenever in application running cycle. Read More »