Apple’s brand new system font, San Francisco!

After using SF font on Apple watch, Apple decided to use San Francisco font as the default font on iPhone/iPad devices with iOS9 too.

What are the differences between Helvetica Neue and San Francisco?

Well… All of us knows that Apple is very keen on working about having good fonts, bringing great typography for Apple devices. San Francisco fonts are more readable, especially if you’re using San Francisco Display family. But Helvetica Neue and San Francisco look more or less alike.

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 22.53.24.pngScreen Shot 2015-12-29 at 22.57.15Helvetica Neue and San Francisco Text respectively..Read More »

How to add Core Spotlight to index your app content on iOS9? – iOS9 Feature (Part 4)

Apple Says That;

When you make your content searchable, users can access activities and content deep within your app through Spotlight and Safari search results, Handoff, and Siri suggestions.

Point of an developer’s view, main aim of content indexing on iOS9 is to help you make your content available in the appropriate index, drive user engagement and maybe free marketing :D.Read More »

After Fabric IO upgrade, what did I experience in Jenkins build server?

And .. What did I learn about this process?

Upgrading Crashlytics to Fabric IO framework, is not very painful at all, unless you don’t use Jenkins build server for your build. In automated builds, I did stuck in situation like dSYM files weren’t uploaded automatically in every build.

So what are dSYM files ?

dSYM files store the debug symbols for your app. Services like Crashlytics uses these files to replace the symbols in the crash logs with the appropriate methods names, so it will be readable and will make sense.Read More »

Implementing Home Screen Quick Actions, Dynamic shortcutItems – iOS9 Feature (Part 3)

My previous post was for giving  the general information on implementing home screen quick actions by the way of using static shortcut items in the info.plist of project. To read general concept and methods, this way please.

Despite of the static shortcut items can not be changed regarding to different cases, dynamic shortcut items can be changed case by case in any wherever or whenever in application running cycle. Read More »