Universal Linking for your iOS App

Despite of Deep Linking, Universal links can link a website domain with your mobile app without using any redirection on website. Your users can go through your app by clicking a https url, directly. (Directly, means your users don’t go Safari before opening of your application.) But how? iOS operation system can link mobile applications with domains. A mobile application can be link up to 30 domains.

To do so:

  • You need to create a contract file (in json format) that stores mobile app information on server side. (You need to specify )
  • Put this apple-app-site-association file under .well-known directory. You can this on Safari, by typing url https://DOMAIN_URL/apple-app-site-association . If you can reach this file, everything is OK and you’re ready to continue configurations on mobile project side.
  • Turn of Associate domains for your application. This will create an entitlement file and you need to update your provisioning profile. If you’re using Continuous Integration.

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What happened to Macros in Swift? Using Xcconfig files and Custom Flags for Clean Project Settings

Macros were cool, they are already cool for Objective-C developers. (If you have an Objective-C project, this article is for you.) But in Swift, you should choose a different way to manage your project configurations. Because they are not available anymore.

But we have other cool things like xcconfig files and custom flags.

1 – Lets start with Config files…

You can use config files to define project variables and set different values for these variables under different project schemes.Read More »

Styling Views on iOS

What if I say you can use styles in iOS?

Yes, we can steal some features from Android for iOS.

Font family, size, text color, background color, background image .. Selecting all style attributes from Interface Builder over and over again can be a pain in the ass.

So, how can we do this? What are the benefits of using styles in iOS?

One day, your boss, your client or even you “MAY” want to change design of a part of your iOS app or even whole application. Your red buttons now should be green and non-bordered.

One day, Apple “MAY” show up with different font family on new iOS version and you can’t use this system font as default, but you realise some and big part of your labels, buttons are set from Interface Builder as system.Read More »