What happened to Macros in Swift? Using Xcconfig files and Custom Flags for Clean Project Settings

Macros were cool, they are already cool for Objective-C developers. (If you have an Objective-C project, this article is for you.) But in Swift, you should choose a different way to manage your project configurations. Because they are not available anymore.

But we have other cool things like xcconfig files and custom flags.

1 – Lets start with Config files…

You can use config files to define project variables and set different values for these variables under different project schemes.Read More »

Using .xcconfig files and custom schemes for your Xcode project

When you create a project, Xcode provides two standard project-level build configurations: debug and release. These two build configurations are probably sufficient for your product development needs. But sometimes you need to use configuration files and new schemes additional to your project target scheme.

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