Universal Linking for your iOS App

Despite of Deep Linking, Universal links can link a website domain with your mobile app without using any redirection on website. Your users can go through your app by clicking a https url, directly. (Directly, means your users don’t go Safari before opening of your application.) But how? iOS operation system can link mobile applications with domains. A mobile application can be link up to 30 domains.

To do so:

  • You need to create a contract file (in json format) that stores mobile app information on server side. (You need to specify )
  • Put this apple-app-site-association file under .well-known directory. You can this on Safari, by typing url https://DOMAIN_URL/apple-app-site-association . If you can reach this file, everything is OK and you’re ready to continue configurations on mobile project side.
  • Turn of Associate domains for your application. This will create an entitlement file and you need to update your provisioning profile. If you’re using Continuous Integration.

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How to add Core Spotlight to index your app content on iOS9? – iOS9 Feature (Part 4)

Apple Says That;

When you make your content searchable, users can access activities and content deep within your app through Spotlight and Safari search results, Handoff, and Siri suggestions.

Point of an developer’s view, main aim of content indexing on iOS9 is to help you make your content available in the appropriate index, drive user engagement and maybe free marketing :D.Read More »