Google DevFest Istanbul 2015

This year, Istanbul hosts the great technology events in November! Google announced this event as “The biggest Google tech conference in Istanbul carefully crafted for you by GDGcommunity!”

Google DevFest gathered the tech and design minds in Istanbul, yesterday 🙂 Like all developers, I’m following Google’s developer events for tracking cool technologies, meeting other people who’s working on same or related areas with mine, catching the news about technology that Google’s used and  getting some new ideas, aspects about existing ones, but this time there was a little difference for me owing to two of my closest friend was giving a speech at this great event.

CU9pQ3uUYAQ1PmlDevelopers and designers had a good reason to get off their warm beds and houses at this very cloudy autumn morning. DevFest started with a very frank, wellcoming speaking by Barış Yesugey, Google Developer Relations Region Head. He talked about GDG, Google’s programmes for developers, relationships with developers, content sharing and finally mentioned about Google Developer Experts and GDE’s sharing their experiences with other developers via giving speeches, attending conferences, writing books and creating contents.Read More »

Yaratıcı olmak, ortaya birşeyler çıkarmak …

Yaratıcı olmak, ortaya birşeyler iyi birşeyler çıkarmak, üretmek günümüzde istediklerimize ulaşabildiğimiz ölçüde kolay ancak bir o kadar da zor ki. Tüketim çılgınlığının ortasında gibi hissediyorum bazen kendimi, hem bu tüketim de çoğunlukla herhangi yeni bir şey uğruna değil, sahip olmak bu şey benim demek adına yapılıyor çoğunlukla. Read More »

Fikirleriniz önemli, paylaşın, değerlendirin! – Garanti Hackathon 

Garanti Bankası’nın düzenlediği, Garanti Hackathon geçtiğimiz Cuma akşamı Serdar Kuzuloğlu ve Garanti Bankası Genel Müdür Yardımcısı Didem Dinçer Başar’ın açılış konuşması ve mentorlar ile takımlar arasında geçen speed networking ardından  start aldı. 420 başvurunun arasından seçilerek finale kalan 11 proje ekibi çalışmalarına başladı.Read More »

How to implement Peek and Pop & show previewActionItems- iOS9 Feature (Part 2)

“Peek and Pop” is one of the great feature of 3D Touch. In my previous post I mentioned about “Home Screen Quick Actions” and adopting force touch, you can check this article here.
Peek And Pop feature allows users to preview a content (peek) with force touch and the content is opened in full size (popwith one more gentle move which keeps the previous touch up.Read More »

App Transport Security & Opening URL Schemes – iOS9 Compatibility

App Transport Security

New SDK of iOS has “App Transport Security” which encourages developers to use https instead of http. If you compile your app with iOS9 SDK, you will get the following error while it’s try to make a http request.

App Transport Security has blocked a cleartext HTTP (http://) resource load since it is insecure. Temporary exceptions can be configured via your app’s Info.plist file.

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