The Future Of Business

“You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future”, as a great man said in his inspirational speech.* Before making any estimation about long-term future of corporate business in the light of today’s business and social trends, looking backwards and indicating the milestones that change and shape lives in today’s convoluted world are essential.

It all starts with one brilliant innovation. After Internetworking spread out from CERN Research Center, it has touched people’s lives and linked people each other, technology comes in wide use in daily life, and information-sharing levels are very high. It’s changed the ways of human thinking and acting people routines, companies, even governments.

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Top Three Challenges in Organizations

Stress is one of the top challenges faced by employees in organizations and we all face with this issue from time to time in our daily lives not only as an employee but also as individual. In competitive business environment, Companies can set unreachable goals in terms of time, sometimes. Top management pushes their managers reach goals faster or they can ask them to achieve higher goals in same period of time that the managers cannot commit. The managers reflect the pressure they faced, to their subordinates and they also have to set tight deadlines, even these deadlines are not realistic. Tight deadlines and too much workload cause stress. Working under tight deadlines is shown as a ability that employees should have. People show this situation on their resumes as ability, and also companies ask employees that they can work efficient under pressure.Read More »