Can you localize your Info.plist?

If you’re using iOS8 or greater SDK, Answer is Yes!

Especially, After 3D touch released with new iPhones, using iOS9, there may be a need for using localizable strings for Info.plist too, for example, you should use localization for your Home Screen Quick Actions, if you’ve already serve multiple languages to your users of your application.

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How to implement Peek and Pop & show previewActionItems- iOS9 Feature (Part 2)

“Peek and Pop” is one of the great feature of 3D Touch. In my previous post I mentioned about “Home Screen Quick Actions” and adopting force touch, you can check this article here.
Peek And Pop feature allows users to preview a content (peek) with force touch and the content is opened in full size (popwith one more gentle move which keeps the previous touch up.Read More »