How to implement Peek and Pop & show previewActionItems- iOS9 Feature (Part 2)

“Peek and Pop” is one of the great feature of 3D Touch. In my previous post I mentioned about “Home Screen Quick Actions” and adopting force touch, you can check this article here.
Peek And Pop feature allows users to preview a content (peek) with force touch and the content is opened in full size (popwith one more gentle move which keeps the previous touch up.Read More »

Adopting 3D Force Touch on iPhone – iOS9 Feature (Part 1)

Apple announced 3D Touch – Force Touch in the Special Event at September this year. This feature is added to iPhone6S, iPhone6S which are introduced at same event, and I think 3D Touch will be added the next generation iPhones. If you’re reading this post, you are already aware of it. 🙂

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