What did I experience at Google I/O 17? What are the news?

This year, I had a chance to attend Google I/O. I think it’s a double chance considering that I’m a part of a great community, Google Developer Groups in Istanbul Chapter,Turkey. I’m very proud of it..

Google I/O is kind of like Geek Festival which fed developers with new tech sessions, codelabs and demonstrations of cool projects. And it’s great opportunity to bring GDG members together all around the world and strengthen community spirit.

That was a fruitful week for tech lovers. So, what are the highlights?

Android crossed 2 billion monthly users…


Mobile first to AI first approach..

Google will apply AI and machine learning to its products. Google Search (ranking), Google Maps (street view) are now using automatically machine learning and they will expand usages of computer science techniques to all other products. Long live science! 

With Computer vision, everything is now much more smarter..

Google Lens is new initiative.

Google Lens will use AI and makes users life easier. It can understand what users are looking at, and help them take actions base on the information.


Having information about objects or places, connecting wifi, by pointing your phone are just some cool very beginning features of Google Lens. Such exciting, I can’t wait to see how far this technology can go.

Google Lens examples

Machine learning and AI 

New high-speed processors, optimized for inference and training, called Cloud TPU will be used for machine learning and computing. Google Cloud platform will be use Cloud TPU from now on.


Google Assistant (Ok Google, Hey Google!) – Actions on Google

Assistant is now conversational, can follow up a conversation and use textual information by keyboard or what you see by your camera. And you can take actions without typing just talking with your assistant and help it to see what you see. You can get informed and take actions, such as recognizing events and get tickets for them.

!!!Google Assistant is now available on iOS!!!

Sadly, Google Assistant is not supporting Turkish language. But I’m very hopeful that it’ll come soon.

!!!Google Assistant SDK can now be rooted in any device.!!! This is very good news for developers.

Google Home..

..support will be widen and we can use so many smart devices and many more platforms. Hands-Free Calling is coming Google Home, only available in US and Canada. (And it’s free.)

Google Home can recognize and support multiple users (up to 6 users) by using AI.

Home will be a good team member and the organizer among your smart TV and phone.

Google Photos

Google Photos, machine learning is now smarter than ever. It can removing duplicates and blurry images. Creating automatic albums for events.

With Suggested sharing, Google Photos can recognize people in photos and organize your photos. You can send directly these photos or create shared album. You can activate Auto sharing by using Shared Libraries. So, you don’t have to think about sharing. Google Photos will share photos which matched with your specified pattern.

Android O 

You can download new Android Studio Preview , try new features and new Android SDK. It can be used side by side with your current stable Android Studio.

New Features

  • Picture in Picture
  • Notification Dots 
  • Autofill with Google. Autofill to Apps ✌️
  • Smart Text Selection (with machine learning, place names and address will be selected with one tap.)
  • Vitals (Keeping your phone secure and health state)
    • Google Play Protect, scanning installed apps for security.
    • Boot time is twice fast now.
    • Play Console Dashboards will show battery usage, crashes and slow UI.
    • Android Studio Profilers show network, memory and CPU on unified timeline.

Kotlin is now official supported language for Android. And It’s fully interoperable with existing code. 


There are tons of new information…

What’s New on Developer Tools?

What’s New on Support Library?

Architecture Components?

Exploring Kotlin in Deep?

But, they will be other topics of next articles..

See you soon..

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