It’s time to look back and one step further! 2016

2016 Almanac – It’s time to look back and connect the dots…


Snow season: After a successful Christmas season (Darth Vader Xmas Tree was number one at GT and we organised a successful present organization.) Happy and proud faces… ✌️



Snow boarding: I’m a real newbie at s.boarding (Season 2), it doesn’t avoid me to have so much fun. Falling is relaxing unless you hurt yourself.



Darth Vader Cookies: I made dart vader cookies for my 4th anniversary at GT Mobile Team. Yummy (I hope 😀 )



A Dutch Style Bike: I love biking. In Netherland, Riding my bike was at top 1 among my daily activities. Going to gym, university, a friend’s house, grossry was fun, but I had to leave my bike at there. Having a Dutch style bike is one of my dreams at this year. But I don’t want to expand my expenses. So I worked on an action plan, by using the information similar by banks’ve used, I started to make non-expenses, I listed all my expenses and cut unnecessary ones. (Thanks to International Business class at MBA, I have these gorgeous bike without spending any money. More…)



I attended a great Tedx Event. We said There is a way, listen other people’s inspiring ways of doing/achieving/sharing things. Always, there is a way. You can read about event at my blog post.


I had a guest at my house. She -my nephew- is less than 1-year-old. I’m planning to grow as a women tech-maker. 😁



Sbx coffee talks: I had great time with these gals meanwhile drinking our coffes, chatting on topics we care about.



Writing MBA Project and Graduating again… It wasn’t so easy, but it was fun. I had to gather much data from successful startups in Turkey, analyse and come with a conclusions from many points of  view. It’s worth it. I couldn’t sit up from my desk, whole week. I’ve talked so much about my project at work. Sorry guys 🙂


New Record! 🏁: 15 Straight Weeks at Fitness Club. 💪


Nike Women Victory Tour Istanbul 2016 🏅

It wasn’t a perfect run. But making it happen was important. Lots of women were making their first 5k or 10k, they were proud themselves to complete the journey.



Farewell to Garanti Technology: Every ending is fresh new start, I parted with these lovely people to follow my instinct and try something new.



San Francisco Trip: Visiting Google HeadQuarter, Stanford University, attending 4th of July celebrations (fireworks)


New York for Comedians, Broadway Shows, Central Park and View from Rockefeller Building


View from Top Of The Rock NYC


3 days after having a brand new iPhone 6S, I dropped it to Broadway’s concrete avenue. It hurt a little (confession: a lot 😢 – crying face ) But it didn’t ruin my Central Park trip. I think I mature a little more.


Fresh Start: I started a new job at a Fin tech startup. It was an interesting experience. You know what they say : Life begins at the end of comfort zone! It’s totally true. There were good and hard times. I learn a lot and see myself, my power and weaknesses.

  • Learn Swift!
  • Build an brand new mobile architecture!
  • Learn do things in an Agile way!
  • Having extra space to do what you want to try!
  • See what you have and you don’t by yourself!
  • Learn how to make job interviews due to decide on a new developer to join team!



Summer, season of wedding ceremonies. We – wedding team- needed a rest after weddings 🙂  We swam, jump to sea at so many beautiful coves and rest a lot. It was strange because I was cold, but sea and sun make me get well.



A typical morning, one difference was my droid cookie. By having breakfast, I was waiting Apple’s September Special Event.


Diploma:  I’ve finally reached my MBA degree physically 😀 I’ll miss to be a student again.



I became a part of GDG family. We were at Tekirdağ, for the first DevFest of the year.


November & December

DevFest Istanbul 2016 : Being part of the organisation and community 


Krakow Trip: DroidCon Krakow – I flied to Krakow two speakers with me 😉 Weather was cold, very cold. But, city worth seeing and you should try traditional tastes. They’re very familiar with Turkish tastes, mostly.


Farewell to Mateli: I always believe that workplace is a place you want to go every morning right after you wake up and Work should be a fun, challenging thing. You should feel that you’re changing something, effecting your company in a good way and vice versa. If you’re not believing what you’re doing, go and find what you want to do next.

Birthday 🎂 : Breakfast

Being alive… Good times should be shared with good people. Being thankful and experiencing what you will come to you is the lesson I’ve learnt from this year.


 See you Next year!


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