Le me @ WWDC 15 – First-time at WWDC tips

It’s been a while after I’ve been in San Francisco at WWDC15. It’s been a great week full of sessions, labs, experience. I want to share some of them. Especially, If you are first-time-attendees like me 🙂 , might be need any kind of information. 


You’ll get your badge (the entrance card) the day before WWDC begins from Moscone Center, so it should be a Sunday. Apple also gives the WWDC jacket, it really helps to survive in SF weather conditions :D. Normally, Apple Company Store which is at the Infinite Loop isn’t open on Sundays. But Apple gently does a favour to WWDC attendees and opens the doors of store. You can find Apple t-shirts, mugs, pens, sweats and electronic stuffs in there. But if you can not go that far, don’t worry, there will probably be a little store at the event hall. 

First day, Keynote starts with the speech of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook at 10:00 am as always. So what time should you go to Moscone Center to watch the Keynote in front lines? Well… it depends, some Apple fans sit and wait from the evening around 9 pm before the day till the Apple opens the door. Apple usually welcome the developers around 8 am. It’s really suitable if you reach Moscone around 4 am, wearing your WWDC jacket is a wise idea, because SF weather is really unsettled. 

IMG_4833_1024Infinite Loop is the street encircling the six buildings of Apple’s headquarters -Apple Campus- in Cupertino. Apple’s official mailing address is 1 Infinite Loop.  Apple’s Company Store is at 1 Infinite Loop. You can find Apple cool t-shirts, mugs, pens, sweats and electronic stuffs in there.

thumb_IMG_5282_1024Moscone Center

This is the biggest place that Apple can found in SF and it’s a little bit royal 🙂 since 2006. This year, the number of participants is over 5000 and I’m not counting 1000+ Apple developers and student scholarship
winners in this number. 

SF Tips and Tricks..

Apple serve you a satisfying week full of sessions, labs with all over the week, you can be sure of it. But don’t forget the sightseeing, San Francisco central area is very beautiful, also has lots of the buildings of sound companies like Firefox, Twitter, LinkedIn. 

CheeseCake Factory is at the top of Macy’s building in the Union Square. Place has a good square view, foods and cakes are very delicious. Union Square is very close to Moscone Center, Although Apple gives really good foods for lunch, you should try the square at some noons, and have your lunch at Union Square like San Francisco people. 

Cable-Car. San Francisco has lots of hills, stick, hang the cable car and go to Piers & Fisherman’s Whorf. SF people really to like this funny way of transportation and use a lot. 


Golden Gate Bridge! of course 

Try to cross the bridge in the early hours of the morning. It will be less foggy. Otherwise, you’ll see this foggy golden. 🙂 And there is no place to rent a bike near the bridge, the best way to rent in the center and go to bridge by bus. SF buses have special gadget to ship your bikes. 

First time in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, I really recommend to visit Standford University Campus, Facebook Campus (Menlo Park) , Google’s Campus (Mountain View) and so on. 

In WWDC week, you will have internet access and a very fast internet connection at study desks. I really recommend you download/update latest Apple WWDC app to schedule the sessions that you will attend. You can save the sessions to your list and add them your calendar to get notified before starting.

You can also make appointments for lab sessions. Labs are ideal for networking, asking your questions to evangelists and developers, learning some cool things from Apple staff. 

At some noons, there are some lunchtime speaking sessions between 12:20-13:10. Try to catch some of them, get your food and enjoy this special sessions! I had a chance to attend one of them, it’s about the history of Disney and animation films’ relation with the technology in the time. The guest speaker was Floyd Norman, the legend animator and storyteller of Disney. “Making Magic: Creative Imagination Meets Technological Innovation”

This year, for a first time, Apple broadcast the sessions on WWDC event website. This is the week you’ll find gorgeous presentations, brain-storming ideas, getting new exciting features, learning some cool stuffs. Don’t be in a rush to catch all the sessions, enjoy the way you like, this is the great chance to meet developers that loves Apple and thinks similar with you . Moscone is the temple of developers which loves, have passions about Apple technologies during the WWDC week.

After a great week, developers need hanging out and having fun too!


I hope we’ll meet in an another WWDC week!

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